Agne Siaulyte
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"Agne Siaulyte"
The rooms are in good standards and clean. Food in the hotel is terrible and overpriced. Spa facilities: very nice gym, but swimmingpool was closed all the time including the steam room. It was actually one of the reason I booked that hotel otherwise is quite far away from old town where you have all the nice restaurants and places. Most disappointing and shocking was that even though sauna room was open I couldn't use it. There is a sign on the door that you can't go inside with the swimsuit. I didn't pay attention and when I open the door I saw completely naked old man with his completely naked teenager daughter. I have to say it was very disturbing and I end up not using this facility either. I went to spa reception to ask if this is normal and tell them how disappointed I was. They were surprised and understanding but said they didn't know about it because they are new there...They went to ask manager and he said is up to people if they want to be naked. He didn't bothered to come and explain everything himself. Apparently they provide special clothes but no one offer them to us went we went there. I asked for reason why we can't wear swimsuit! Explanation was even more shoking!! Spa receptionist said that chloride will eat the wood in sauna! The jecuzzi is only one there and very small for hotel with 700 rooms so I would advice not to go there unless you want to have chloride jecuzzi that eats wood when you come from there to sauna. Imagine what happens to your skin if you stay there for too long! I have to mention that almost all reception staff wears name badges trainee. So you are not receiving professional service either and if you have a problem the only opportunity you have is to write review and stay as far away from this hotel because is definitely not 5 star hotel.