April Russell
Southland Park Southland Park
West Memphis, Arkansas
"April Russell"
Doesnt even deserve one star. However to write a review I had to rate something. Beware this casino will cheat you out of a win .My husband and I have come to this casino quite often and we are even club members and even though we usually lose some money, we have an ok time. This time we will never return. The Casino flat out scammed us. We first walked in and played on some slots. Sparticus and Little Red. Those were not quite working out so we moved to a roulette machine. My husband makes the same bet over and over 0, double0 and 2 and he always repeats his bet ten dollars for 0,double 0 and ten on 2. My husband did this for about 30 games. Finally double zero comes out for him and the machine says winner. But the machine never pays him. . It kicks back his 30 dollar bet and acts like he never played that round. He calls managment. Managment comes and goes through the machine and they confirmed he has made the same bet over and over and had the necessary credit into the machine . My husband then askes if they will look on the cameras. They proceed to say that the cameras do not face those machines. If the casino has no integrity on paying the 360 that my husband should have recieved. He lost its not like he was asking for all of his money back that he lost which was 700 he simply wanted the money he rightfull should have won which was 360. Needless to say we do not like being cheated, scammed you name it. We will not ever be returning.