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Sep 1 '16 at 16:24

Eric Barbieri

Parx Casino

Eric Barbieri
I used to come here somewhat often, however, I started to realize that I was never winning anything...ever; not on slots, not at tables, not at the electronic/interactive weird roulette table...nothing. At first I thought it was just me and some bad luck, but the more I started to go, the more I realized that literally no one around me was ever winning anything either. You might hear an occasional "wooo!" in the casino from someone who won, but they probably only won a max. of $50. There are never any big wins here, and from what I've noticed, there just aren't really any wins at all. Just save your money and go to Atlantic City - that is my advice. I will no longer be going to Parx. I also just want to point out that every time I did go to Parx, I noticed A LOT of cars in the parking lot with New York license plates.... I'm originally from Brooklyn so I know for a fact that Parx is a far drive from ANY part of NY. With that being said, to all of you in NY who are thinking about coming here, DON'T. You will be disappointed, most likely lose your money, did I mention how trashy and unsafe this place is? My friend happened to win (like $40) one time and he then got held up by someone with a knife. Seriously, don't waste your time coming here.