Shakyra Ellington
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"Shakyra Ellington"
I wish I could give a half of a star. The only reason this place is still open is because it is right on the boardwalk. Check in was super slow the staff was completely overwhelmed. I walked into my room only to see I paid 800+ dollars for a room that I was told by their toll free number would have partial view of the ocean but did not. On top of that the room was small and one of my beds was held up by a block of wood. I was disappointed but not being the type to complain I decided to try and make the best of it. This quickly ended when I went to sit on the bed only to have the bed collapse underneath me! I'm am 4'11, 135 lb woman there was no way, if that was placed up there properly, that should've happened. Obviously I went downstairs to report the incident the woman I spoke to was very nice but had to check with the manager Sal to do something about the misinformation with my booking and the busted bed. The manager came out made the switch to another room but only after he took time out to rudely correct me on the rooms placement and pricing. I'm sorry but it is not my fault your coordinators misinformed me. I was switched to a room with a view but it was still in poor shape the closet was broken and the bathroom was much smaller but again I figured we would make it work. One of my guest is a vegan and had packed food for our stay that we were keeping in the wine chiller since there was no refrigerator. Upon returning to the room all the food had to be thrown out because the unit was broken. Again I had the misfortune of dealing with Sal who was so busy correcting me calling it a refrigerator I felt the fact that it was broken and caused us to throw away food was completely dismissed. He send a tech who confirmed the thing was shot and brought us a new one but none of us felt valued or like it mattered. Not to mention free wifi that doesn't work can't be counted as an amenity. I ended up apologizing profusely to my guests for picking such an awful hotel for our stay and would advise others to either get a cheap motel or spend an additional 200-300 dollars on a better hotel. This place was a disappointment and as far as I'm concerned a complete waste of money. You could not pay me to ever stay here again I just hope my review saves someone else the trouble. When everything was said and done We received a $30 food and drink credit and $50 off the room. This was hands down the worst hotel stay I've ever experienced. Never again.