Virginia Allen
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"Virginia Allen"
It's unfortunate to score The Chelsea low. It's an older hotel. Most of the counter surfaces are worn down. Even the blanket and towels were showing their wear and tear. It looks like someone tried to spruce things up with new touches here and there. The look comes out a confusing elegant/shabby. The worse part of it all is the lack of attention to detail. Some paint job quick fixes are just plain sloppy. The air vent in the bathroom is clogged with dust from who knows how many years of guests and neglect. The room has a window that opens, and was left open with the air running when I arrived. Even so, the room has a musty, stale, and I'm scared to think of the other "m" word to describe it. If this doesn't bother you, than you will probably find this a gem in the rough. Hotels are expensive on the boardwalk. My room was half the price Ceasars.