Steve Skaria
Hollywood Casino - Perryville Hollywood Casino - Perryville
Perryville, Maryland
"Steve Skaria"
Should've listened to the other reviews and stayed away. I came on Saturday night and maybe 10% of the 300 + spaces parking lot was full. Every casino I been to always has people getting excited because someone is actually winning. Not the case here!!! I understand table games on higher on the weekends but when you don't have NO business and NO people winning, it should be lower. Craps table has no bonus plays, blackjack is 8 card deck which I discovered I don't like and how is it that I get damn near the same hand in Poker everytime. Not even 1 time did I even get close to half way breaking even which I always do at whatever Casino I go to. I'm a truck driver so I go to many Casino's and this one I will NEVER COME BACK TO. Sad and depressing place.