Hialeah Park Hialeah Park
Hialeah, Florida
Pocker room,a big scam with a group of players,which they know each others and brakes all pocker rules,while communicatin each other in Spanish,while the game stills on,and couchin one to each other,while there are another's player that are unable to understand the Spanish language,even when those players call the attention to the dealers. The floor supervisors oversight,the conduct of those players,while there's nothing that can be done by the dealers,which despite the attention like they're unaware of what's going on,also is permitted a non player to seat next to her husbands,taking space of players and been able to to snick others players cards,this is the only casino that allows such of things,players hiddin chips,or getting chips out of their packet,also allowing those players that critize another player for raising,and those which bad.intention gather one table,to ripoff weak players,great investigation by the MIAMI NEWS regarding the scam at the tournament,written on January of this year,that could be readed at the web,this has been my third time at the mentioned casino,and thanks to the MIAMI NEWS report and the player from the HARD ROCK,who observed the scam,this has been my last visit to this casino.