Simon Gratz
7th Street Casino 7th Street Casino
Kansas City, Kansas
"Simon Gratz"
Out of all the casino's I've been to, this one is by far the worst. Its sad that they put a casino in an area where people really can't afford to lose their money. I hope this place at least gives back to the community instead of taking from it and making things worse. If not, I would hope the people of this area would band together and boycott this casino. I've been here a few times and noticed that the same people win over and over. It's to the point now where I can pick out who is going to win in the high roller area as soon as I walk in which causes me to question whether these machines are really random (to the people who work in those "secret" computer rooms on the 3rd floor). Gamblers beware. All in all, I would stay away from this place and go find some other form of entertainment. The machines are really tight, and, as I said before, only certain people seem to win which defeats the purpose of going.