William Lundquist
Sandia Resort & Casino Sandia Resort & Casino
Albuquerque, New Mexico
"William Lundquist"
Went to have a night out at the bar with a dance floor. I had 1 beer and went to use the restroom. I got carded again when i came back to the bar. I asked the security if i can get a bracelet like others were so i wouldn't be carded again. I was told i needed to be walking out to get one. So i then told him i am walking out now so can i please get one. I was then kicked out of the bar and was not able to return. I was never rude and i was not intoxicated at all. This place is a down right joke. The security people think they have all this athority because they can kick people out that are trying to have a good night. I will never be returning to this place again. I was going to book a 20,000 wedding in one of there ballrooms too and because of this one incident, i sure in the hell wont be now!