Michael Hubbard
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"Michael Hubbard"
We have been here twice. Both times we arrived with reservations made well in advance only to find that our room type was not available. Both times we had a choice of taking a smoking queen room instead of the king non smoking room we booked OR we could upgrade for several hundred dollars per night to a big non smoking suite. Because we arrived tired we elected to take the suite. Arriving at the room I looked at the reservation system for the hotel and the room type we had reserved was available to book for that same night. Also the suite we were offered at a "discount" was cheaper on their reservation system for that night. I went back to the desk to inquire. I was told that they always take reservations for rooms they do not have to keep from showing sold out and then try to put the guest in a more expensive suite when they arrive. Kind of a bait and switch. That way they get the guest in the door instead of sending them to another hotel because they were sold out. Then she reluctantly moved me to a room that "matched" our reservation. When we opened the door the cigarette smoke knocked me down and there were empty champagne bottles and glasses on the floor. A third trip back to the desk I was then greeted by the same nasty employee that told me there was no way that was the situation. I invited her to go see for her self and she abruptly took my keys and gave me another set for a different room. It was fine. It only took several hours and three attempts to get checked in for our 4 night stay. Probably will not be back.