Victory Casino Cruises - Port Canaveral Victory Casino Cruises - Port Canaveral
Cape Canaveral, FL
I have been on Victory Casino Cruise well over 30 times. There is not a time I have not really enjoyed myself. Winning is nice, but the whole trip itself is worth noting. Ppl watching is great, the 1 man band on the upper deck is always a good performer. Enjoying the wildlife and seafaring boats are great ways to pass the time between port and gambling. Honestly, I have had the buffet. It was not good. Hard to believe that the food could be so 'non fresh' tasting when you are just heading out. But to balance that the ala carte food is pretty good. From the burgers, chicken wings, and a darn good Turkey Club sandwich, order from the menu and avoid the buffet. Mostly the bathrooms are good/ok, once in a while you might have one that has seen a lot of action and is not so good. 95% of the time, the wait staff is right there, on an occasion they might have been understaffed but rare. The dealers/spinners on the table games are almost always fun and really add to the event. Tho on occasion you get someone who is 'off' that day, again rare. I like to gamble and sometime it is a bit of gamble of what serve/experience you get. I recommend giving them a chance. More likely than not, you will be back!