Lucky Punk
Aransas Queen Casino Aransas Queen Casino
Aransas Pass, Texas
"Lucky Punk"
I would start off by saying any 5 star rating on here is probably an employee. We went out on Sunday and threw up the entire time. Food was ok, pretty simple, but good, drinks were free but the waves made pretty much 50% of the people sick.... for the entire trip! People were getting sick on the stairs, upper deck and some were just leaning up against the machines miserable. I personally got really sick and had to throw up in a trash can because the bathroom was full and the girl working was complaining about all the people throwing up. Only 1 bathroom and they were filthy. The boat smelled of throw up after about an hr out. The boat is to small for the weather we had. Would we go again? No. Would we recommend it to friends .. no. It's a great concept, to small of a boat, no windows to look out, slots were out dates or not working. Boat is in need of a serious paint job and cleaning inside. I gave it 2 stars because I think the attention to detail was missed ... however, the cost for what it is was definitely fair if you don't get sick. Staff was really friendly though. I wish them the best.

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