Elizabeth Richardson
River Rock Casino
Geyserville, California
"Elizabeth Richardson"
This casino was awesome! Very clean. Smelt nice and not filled with horrible smoke like most casinos. Very comparable to a smaller size Vegas hotel. The parking garage was heavily lit and felt safe to park your car there free of charge. The entrance had a waterfall outside and then through the rotating doors you see a grand staircase and another water feature to your left a huge stuff black bear to your right. There are a ton of slot machines and tables to choose from.. was bummed i was never offered a drink. Played for a while hopping from slot to slot machine. They had a huge buffet to choose from a variety of food to eat. I never ate the food but i did see a bunch of tables filled with eating customers. The clerks were friendly and broke up our money efficiently with a smile. The hotel was clean with no garbage or empty bottles or glasses insight around the tables or slots. The gift shop as most in hotels was very overpriced so i skipped purchasing anything. But had a array of items, souvenirs, clothing and snack food and drinks to choose from. Highly recommend a stop by or even a stay here if visiting Vancouver BC or if your a local and want to have a fun night!