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Sep 8 '16 at 4:56

A Google User

A Google User
I went tonight to MGM casino to eat and spend some time over there like I always do Wednesday's, and this security guy was checking my ID and he was so rude to the point I was joking around with him and he was still giving me that dirty look and on the top of it he zoom in my ID on the screen and he kept looking in my face like I am a criminal or like i did something wrong and the. He asked me to open my purse to check it out !! For the first time in MGM someone asked me to open my purse !! Then he asked my girl for the same thing !! I waited a min to see if he is going to do the same for the next few lady's behind us, but of course he didn't ! Why is that bcz they were one white and the other I believe white !! I went back to him I am like so it's not the rules to check people purses right ? U just pick and choose ! He is like yeah ! I am like why is that ? Is it bcz my dad name on the ID Mohamed !! He didn't know what to say ! He is like no it's just bcz !! I am so mad and very disappointed ! I never experienced this before since I moved to USA in 2001!! I will never go ever again to MGM bcz of this ! Bcz I felt not welcome and it disrespected !! Oh forgot to add one more thing he was a white security !!! First time experience and for sure the last one in MGM!! I will spend my money where is I get respect ! Thank you! Wish I can rate this as _0 9/7/2016 ! A day to remember !!