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Jun 11 '16 at 21:11

Mary Bartels

Mary Bartels
Oh my god lucky dog what have you done!! the last three times that I've been in there the smoke is so overwhelming that by the time I leave my nostrils are completely swollen shut. now the slot machines are shut off as well ???? The last two times I've been in there I walked in, put in my free play and walked right back out that's how bad it is. and I was lucky dogs number one advocate for many many years...but being a local and you can't even give me a bonus round during my free play to keep me interested ? Ok then I'll Drive down the road to Little Creek every time. Now your free bingo games are being run by a couple of unfriendly women who appear to want to play on their smart phone vs calling the bingo games...yup done. I'm sorry lucky dog but until you get your smoke ventilation fixed, get a fun group of bingo employees and you loosen those machines up I'm not going to be back Update 6/10/16 Well I do believe things have improved and I will give them credit where credit is due! The machines are much more favorable & the staff has really gotten friendlier. ( love the staff on Wed & Thurs) Having bingo more often too is a favorite of mine, but I havent gotten a chance to play. More construction is going on so hopefully expanding the nonsmoking area? Or building a separate bingo room & going full time??? Thank you Lucky Dog!! Glad You're Back!!!?