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Sep 9 '16 at 2:03

HollowPoint Projectile

HollowPoint Projectile
Because of the slots being so tight and never winning, I had not been here for over 2 years. Last week, I decided to give it a shot. Spent $300.00 on one machine. Finally, it hit for $1,200.00 with $1,600.00 cash left on it other than that. Kept playing and got up to $4,600.00 cash, but they shut it down. I let it have a chance and it took me down to $4,000.00. I cashed out and left happy and purely LUCKY! Went back the next day, played the same machine; betting $9.00 per bet, and hit it for a second $1,200.00 Jack pot. Kept playing for another $200.00 loss before I saw it had shut down and wouldn't hit beans. Left happy and LUCKY again. Two days later, played many slots and lost $400.00. Nothing would hit! Left and will try one last time before writting it off again. Unless, I get to at least have the pleasure of getting fair play for my money. The staff is very friendly and helpful here. There are a great variety and wager ranges of games. It has plenty of room and is a nice place. There are times when they allow the band's to get super Ignorant and turn their garbage up so loud that it is forced onto people; who even move away from it and play, and WILL bust your ear drums! You have been warned! Don't go to this or any other casino expecting to win! That will be your downfall and regret!