Simon Hardy-Francis
Maple Ridge Community Gaming Centre Maple Ridge Community Gaming Centre
Maple Ridge, British Columbia
"Simon Hardy-Francis"
Recently I tried to buy a relatively expensive camera and they initially agreed to price match it but after waiting half an hour then a supervisor said they wouldn't because of small print about what they will and won't price match. The price difference was $100 on a camera they were selling for $799. What a waste of my time. Then yesterday I tried to buy an expensive TV that they had at $3999. London Drugs in the same mall had the TV at $2999. In theory Bestbuy should match the price and offer a further 10% discount on the price difference. Again, they refused to match the price because the London Drugs offer is a "Manager's Special" which only happens at the weekend. Again, a big waste of my time. I also learned that the rep for the TV manufacturer gave Bestbuy a heads up about the London Drugs sale presumably so that they could prepare all their price match excuses? That's two different items in two weeks. Bestbuy, we are done... London Drugs, thanks for giving me free delivery on the already heavily reduced TV...

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$99 Vegas Helicopter Tours