HollowPoint Projectile
Cherokee Casino - Will Rogers Downs Cherokee Casino - Will Rogers Downs
Claremore, Oklahoma
"HollowPoint Projectile"
I went there to play the slots at their smoke shop and main casino. Not really planning on gambling to win a bunch. I just wanted to enjoy playing awhile. After the upgrade to the computer software; which was done last week on both places, the smoke shop slots are nothing but money eaters! Beware! No more fair play for the bets! The quarter and fifty cent slots in the main casino are even tighter! No enjoyment to be had at this place unless you are extremely lucky. Even then, there are ceilings set on the amounts of money on the few machines that are allowed to hit in order to bait people into that area to loose. It was crowded and plenty of drunks running around. You could tell the riff~raff and roamers from people ther to play, party, hear the band, eat, etc. I won't be going back for quite some time. If this casino were bound by Las Vegas rules on payout ratio and game manipulation, there would be no gaming or license.