Javier Fernandez
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"Javier Fernandez"
OVERATED AND WELL OVERPRICED I stayed at the Beach Tower which definitely does not seem to be part of the main Atlantis attraction. The tower is run down, looks like it belongs to the 70s and the very average room had a funny damp smell in it despite paying a premium price for it. The views were of a roof and a little bit of the beach. Prices: expensive does not describe the prices in this resort. A pasta dish for over $40? a regular stake for over $60? a can of beer for almost $10? I mean, really??? Not to mention that the quality of the food was awful. You pay prime prices for nothing really. Oh, and +15% tip included in everything you buy. So I go to the bar to buy my own beer, I'm given a can of beer, they don't even open it for you and you have to pay 15% tip, what for? they didn't even bring it to me! Staff walks around with big smiles on their faces, but overall they are not polite. In one of the bars I got a diet coke, the filled out my glass with ice to the top and poured half of the can. When I asked for the full can, the rude lady told me that the soda fountain was broken and she was only there to fill the glasses and my glass was full (of ice yes, but not coke!), so she would not give me the can. Then dismissed me with the fakest: 'have a nice day'. Definitely not impressed, would not do it again, and WOULD NOT RECOMMEND IT to anyone.