Jin Nick
Isle Casino Hotel - Waterloo Isle Casino Hotel - Waterloo
Waterloo, Iowa
"Jin Nick"
I have stayed here several times under my name and with groups. This by far has been the worst experience ever. The bedding had an obvious stain that looked like fresh poo. I am hoping that it was something else. Housekeeping person came and looked at it and immediately sent someone in to change it. The room was frigid and didn't warm up until 3 am. The ceiling fan would not turn off for much of the time which made it even colder. Maintenance had to come in and he said the air in the room was 62 degrees. He said it takes hours to warm up and the furnace low setting was not working. He did change the filter while I watched. Not sure what that was supposed to do. It was so cold that my daughter had to stay somewhere else. Now I am getting a sore throat! I would've asked for another room, but I heard others complaining as well. They were nice enough to bring me an extra blanket at about 1 am!