Kerry Lichtenstein
Turtle Creek Crossing Casino Turtle Creek Crossing Casino
Mission, South Dakota
"Kerry Lichtenstein"
Pros: Our room and bathroom were clean, water pressure in the shower was awesome, the location was ideal and the free continental breakfast was a great perk!! Cons: THE SHUTTLE. The first day we were there, we spoke with Steve at the front desk (super nice and personable) and asked if the shuttle could pick us up with our luggage in Station Square to take us to the hotel to check-in (literally about a 5 min ride). He said no problem and that he'll send the driver to get us. We were waiting on the side of the street as we saw the shuttle come and waved to the driver. The driver stops and all of a sudden starts yelling at us through the window. He finally rolls down the window, doesn't even greet us and yells "who's getting picked up!" Totally caught off guard my friend said "Uhh we are." (Why do you think we're standing here flagging you down???)Then he starts yelling at us again to hurry up and get in. He couldn't even be bothered opening our door or helping us with our bags. My one friend was quickly getting in and she put her bag on the seat for a moment (no one else was in the shuttle at the time) and without one word, he takes her bag and throws it on the ground. I close the door and he reopens and slams it in my face. He didn't say one word the entire way to our hotel and never greeted us. We felt completely uncomfortable. We get to the hotel and once again, slams his door, doesn't open our door and doesn't help us with our luggage. He just continues to walk right through the hotel entrance with his back to us. We were in absolute shock. This guy really has a hair up in rear-end and acts like we were a total inconvenience for him. Needless to say, we preferred to use uber for our entire stay and pay for local rides rather than use the free shuttle... Pretty sure that alone speaks for itself. Also, their housekeeping needs some work. We were out of our room everyday by 9am and by the time we came back around 4pm, the cleaning service had still not cleaned our room. It was really bizarre. This was the first hotel I've stayed in where housekeeping didnt clean your room first thing in the morning or even early afternoon. Needless to say, we just told them not to bother and we didn't tip them at the end considering they hadn't done anything for our entire stay.