Faheem Caver
Silver Nugget Casino Silver Nugget Casino
North Las Vegas, Nevada
"Faheem Caver"
I have made this public SHARE IT PLEASE!!! I need Las Vegas people to take warning!! Bed Bug Warning! I went to the Silver Nugget Casino and ate at their restaurant The Home Town Kitchen.. Please do not go there they have bed bugs!!!!! While I was sitting with my kids taking silly pictures I felt a stinging itch on both my calf's that I had resting on the edge of the booth seat.. I look and I have welts, I looked under the booth to see what in the world was giving me welts and I Kidd you not bed bugs!!! I called over the wait staff and asked for a piece of tape and I stuck it on one to catch it so they can see.. I made my kids get out of the booth and I waited for management..i don't think she took me seriously she offered me free food or to just leave.. I declined and paid for my food then noticed they still gave me a 50 percent discount which is not what I wanted.. I wrote a report the staff avoided me the management left and took a long while to return.. While I waited I checked on other booths across the restaurant they also are infested!!! I suggested they close down I said it is very serious this is how bed bug infestations spread I am so upset and freaking out! I hope I didn't bring any home with me! Let alone all the other people who unknowingly are sitting at that restaurant now!! This is not acceptable! I asked for the tapped bed bug to be attached to my report but I don't know if they did that.. I took pictures of my findings and I am posting them this needs to go viral ams this place properly taken care of!!! ( you need to zoom into the picture to see but there are clearly eggs, babies, mid adults, and adult bed bugs)!! The blue ish gum picture is taken right where my legs were resting !