Justin Evans
New York-New York Hotel & Casino New York-New York Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Justin Evans"
For people who left negative reviews about the extra fees assessed, that's every single hotel on the Vegas Strip. Pipe down and head back over the best Western south of the airport. What a great deal for a hotel on the "strip." Sure it's maybe a 5 minute walk south of the absolute ideal location, but it has absolutely everything you need downstairs. Room is not excessive but not trashy. Great if you're just looking for the Vegas experience with a decent room in a great location, without immediately leaving you broke and weeping (the casinos will take care of that for you). Pool is nice, DJ was excellent. Did I mention there's a roller coaster RIGHT AT THE CASINO? And it's really cheap if you're staying there - BOGO baby! If you're looking to ball out of control and need a super fancy room exactly in the center of the strip, this isn't it. Personally, I loved it for the price and location and will likely stay here again the next time I'm in Vegas.