Eric B
Double Eagle Hotel & Casino Double Eagle Hotel & Casino
Cripple Creek, Colorado
"Eric B"
Nice casino but, a few things made a negative impact. First of all, front desk staff aren't properly trained. Asked the lady who checked us in a few questions and her response every time was, "I don't know..." She didn't offer a way to find the answers, didn't ask any of the other staff. Got stopped by multiple staff asking for ID, and once they check they are supposed to give you a stamp or wristband, but didn't happen so was continuously interrupted. Biggest, most disgusting, and major health violation . . . the Parrot Cafe. When I approached the counter to order, the guy (heavier set young guy) came in from outside smoking when he saw me, took my order when I noticed his hands were covered in black like he was working on an engine. Dude didn't wash his hands, didn't put on gloves, and was placing the food I ordered on the grill with his bare hands. When he noticed I was watching him he said, "There is a number on your ticket, I can call you when it's ready." I continued to watch, didn't say anything, pretended to be playing on my phone while I recorded the whole thing as he slowly progressed to put gloves on. I took the food to the main front desk, asked for a manager, before the manager arrived I explained to the girl at the front desk what happened and she agreed that is he was completely in the wrong and was disgusting. She showed concern and shared interest in my disappointment. However, when the manager came his attitude and responses were short and didn't show any concern, and mainly a "oh well, whatever" attitude. Manager I spoke with in the morning apologized for the experience and helped improve the situation and thank her for turning around the view of the previous manager. At the moment, not sure if we'll come back again.