Dale Petrunio
Harrahs Cherokee Valley River Casino and Hotel Harrahs Cherokee Valley River Casino and Hotel
Murphy, North Carolina
"Dale Petrunio"
Poor casino! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! There isn't anything good say ... it's crap crap crap. .... it's like the resort but even worse. ........ unregulated. .and full of bugs.. and no machines spin anything. It's typically the home of a nickle win all day all the time from alot of people. It's no good.. not a place too have fun if your bored.. you can't even sit at a machine long enough too play. Your there for 5 seconds then walk away. And don't make the mistake of going too another machine cause the penny slots are crap. And the nickle slots, and the dollar slots lol hahah trust me. You will be sorry you even spent 20.00 here lol