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Jul 6 at 22:02
Upset lack of concern for safety of players more interested in protecting there VIP restroom and twice was less than 10 percent of my total points of being bumbed to a higher tier . Back to lack of concern of players I was sucker punched July 3 of last year believe every body heard the guy it was in front of cashier and card tables people turmed but where was security nowhere to be found I walked away and waited patiently on the other side no one came . So I left and the next day I asked to speak to manager explained and did they report it no . I must of explained to several employees emailed too and received email that the higher ups where going to contact me too did they no . But wait check this out I needed to use the restroom ASAP emergency mode borrowed my Friends card to use the restroom the floor manager just helped and seen my card he blocked the entrance fast with two guards by his side and was told no I wasn’t going to use it it’s for VIP players that they spend a lot of money to be able to use the restroom and I told them look I’m disabled you see I can’t really walk and I really need to use the restroom no sir you have to go to the other restrooms . Was I ever comped for my bad experience nope