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Sep 14 '16 at 8:40

Chris Blakeman

Chris Blakeman
First off we came by in the middle of the night. We were heading to our friend's place and decided to stop in to play a bit. The entire cadino was mainly deserted, As we walked throughm we stopped at a coyole machines to try our luck which was nonexistant it seemed. When we finished, we left through the skywalk to the silver legacy. It was here that my boyfriend realuzed he dropped his wallet. So we began to retrace our steps and within less than once minute back into the Eldorado, we were approached by a security guard. And we hadn't even reached the casino floor yet. We told her thatwe had lost a wallet and were retracing our steps. She followed us and immediately got on her walkie and said "im with one of them now and the other one is following me." We asked what she was talking about and why she referred to us like that and she simply said, "they want you gone." We were baffled as we had just finished spending money moments prior. We know they probably targeted us because we had backpacks on which we use as laptop bags. She was incredibly rude and pointed at the nearby door saying "There's rhe door" and such, refusing to let us walk back through the casino to check where we played. We didnt abide by the ridiculous demand and simply walked back through the exit we came in. This experience was absolutely humiliating and uncalled for. The treatment we received at this casino was customer service at it's worst. We will never return to this establishment and highly recommended that no one else do so. The place doesnt payout very well in general and their treatment of guest interactions is to laugh at. When we asked about them throwing out paying guests, they simply said they dont need our money and theirfore we suggest that everyone adbide by their request and give it to a casino that has better odds, is updated and treats their guests like normal people. Not like criminals.