stephanie soule
Ameristar Casino & Hotel East Chicago Ameristar Casino & Hotel East Chicago
East Chicago, Indiana
"stephanie soule"
Dinner was OK. We had the buffet. It was not the best we've ever had. Service was great. Then we were going to drop off the kids so we could go gamble. But we're told we could check in our older child but they didn't have anyone to watch the younger child (under 2). Some one was leaving at 6:30 and no one was coming in till 7:30. So we left. It's not like I'm going to pay someone to watch one kid while I wait an hour for someone to start work. That makes me think what if I had dropped of my kids an hour earlier? Would they have told me they only had someone for an hour? Would they of called me to come get my kid for an hour? Or what? They have child care on the property and I thought I could drop off my kids mid evening but if they have a coverage gap like that I might have to find someone else to watch my kids.