Harrison Clark
Humboldt County Fairgrounds
Ferndale, California
"Harrison Clark"
This place does not look like much and is VERY casually run. The place was only 25% occupied when we were there and we were told to take any site. There is a plethora of signage near the entrance with some very confusing signs and some that are downright inconstant. There is an office to the left near the second entrance to the park which is along the right side of a several acre parking lot. The sign "office" is not obvious but I suppose the building should be self explanatory. It wasn't for us, we read the signs and looked for a camp host. We did find a grouch that told us to go to the office. The sites have just water and electricity. The dump station is well hidden behind some fairground buildings. Talk to somebody in the office and have them draw you a map so you find it going in the right direction. The dump station is a mess so don't wear good shoes or clothing. One bit of good news, the area is mostly grass. It is not smooth so step carefully but at least it's grass. Alas, this fairgrounds RV Park is just mile from Ferndale and so is very handy. The next closest RV park is east of an unvelievably narrow two-lane bridge that you must cross to get to Ferndale. If you are squeamish about taking your RV across long narrow bridges, stay at a Park on 101 and drive your toad or tow vehicle into Ferndale (it's only a few miles from 101 into Ferndale). The price was not bad at $28 in July 2016.