Dani Workman
Rainbow Hotel & Casino Rainbow Hotel & Casino
West Wendover, Nevada
"Dani Workman"
We will not be returning here again. First of all, upon our arrival we wanted to eat dinner at the buffet. My step father was treated terribly by the people at the counter because he needed a table that was wheelchair accessible and told they wouldn't serve him at all. When he agreed to a regular table (which he should have NEVER had to do) they wouldn't allow him to use his veterans discount. Then, as soon as we started to get to our food, they began to clear it out. It was nowhere near time to close and they weren't bringing out anything fresh. My stepfather and I were rushing to get him his food, and left me with only odds and ends to eat off of the salad bar. Unacceptable, guys. Secondly, when we were finished with our meal. we went to use the restrooms. We were on our way out of the casino when we stopped to pee, and the security yelled at us for having our son in the casino. We weren't at a machine or table, we were pressed against the wall by the bathroom. I pointed this out to them, and we were thrown out of the casino. UNACCEPTABLE.