Jami Mcwhorter
Livermore Casino
Livermore, California
"Jami Mcwhorter"
Horrible experience. I have been there anumber of times and each time I have found they are competely rude to people for celebrating their wins at the 21 or 3 card paker tables. In fact tonight when i was next to various other men who were loud who were not asked to leave, who were much louder and more agessive with people at the table, I went to the bathroom and told another employee i felt i was being treated unfairly being asked to be quiet when my male counterparts were not getting the same attention, I found as I left the restroom I was quickly asked to leave the premises. When I asked why I was told that I was disrupting the table. As I was Leaving I told the security gaurd it was not appropriate and I was ignored and physically pushed out. While I was outside I had various people *3 or so) at the 6 man table including me, tell me that was completely out of line. I know it was becuase The employee I spoke to in the bathroom told the security guard and he was offended, This was completely out of line and sexist consdering the men at the table were celebrating much loudre than I and were even getting mouthy wiht the employees. It was so unfair I fle tthe need to write this review and I will never return.