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Sep 16 '16 at 15:31

l Hawkins

l Hawkins
Very disappointed with my stay. 1 night only we splurged a bit to stay at a nice hotel. Our room had not been vacuumed. It was obvious even before I found the partially eaten chip by one of the beds. My headboard was covered with stains and dried on who knows what. After a long day of driving we didn't want to change rooms and I'm glad I didn't bother as later that night I called the front desk and was put on hold for over ten minutes where I finally just hung up. When we went down a little later the girls behind the desk were just chatting with each other. at check out the line was long and they only had one girl behind the desk with room for seven associates. It was a good while before one other person showed up to help. staff are very friendly and the pool area is nice but it fell far below what we were expecting for the price. We won't be coming back next year.