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Sep 15 '16 at 18:39

Kenneth Foggie

Kenneth Foggie
Had a decent stay while I was here some of my highlights. Cassie, chase and raven were great, they kept a smile on my face the whole time . . I think his name was Desmond from the padi water sports, he taught me how to sail. Francene from house keeping was a charm. And all and all the stay was nice. The food in my opinion was small in portions and not the my opinion the buffet was the best place to eat. You never left hungry and the good was just....better. Whether it's breakfast or lunch, the world cafe was the place for me. Wish they were open for dinner.all and all the food was what I expected a resort to have. The Wi-Fi was decent, reaching most rooms and areas of the hotel. Their beach front was slightly weird. Little cuts of sand with beach chairs(most had towels on them by 9am). Wish there was a free shuttle into town.because just to go into town was about 60-85 depending on who you took (hotel taxi vs private taxi) and it was not that far of a ride. So there definitely was some strategy when planning a day out. Or multiple days out. Meet a few people, share a cab and the cost.