Antone Duran
Seven Feathers Casino Resort Seven Feathers Casino Resort
Canyonville, Oregon
"Antone Duran"
Decided to give this place a try since we come by often... we read the reviews and assumed the buffet wasn't ridiculously priced from what other mentioned (like $15)... we go in and it's nearly $30. Which was a bit shocking... I'm a sucker for buffets, but even the fanciest ones I've been to, even at casinos, weren't that high priced for what was offered. They said how prices are different, different days. Ok. So we decided to try out the cafe instead... which has basic options... after 15 minutes of waiting after being sat and not even asked what we would like to drink, we walked away. At this point I was irritated. I figured I'll spend some money on a slot and I'll be done and go home- the slot wouldn't even read my membership card that I just got. Kept saying invalid, no matter what I did.. I tried a different slot and same results. I was NOT about to stand in that huge line AGAIN for them to fix my card. My whole experience was an irritating waste of time. I don't recommend unless you have plenty of time (and money) to kill and you have patience.