Haley Wilson
Las Vegas Hotel and Casino Las Vegas Hotel and Casino
Santa Elena
"Haley Wilson"
I have mixed feelings about this hotel. I won a trip and my work opted to book me at Hard Rock. When we got here it is a typical overcrowded, chaotic scene. We got here early and all the signs said "check out" so I asked if we were ok to check in and I was looked out like I asked for a miracle. Fast forward, we finally check into the Casino Tower and the ac barely works and the free wifi sucks. Our room was slightly updated but felt like a run of the mill motel room with a few aesthetic changes. Our "view" was a rooftop and ventilation ducts. And there was such a large unsealed portion of the door that we hear everything including the drunk girls running down the hall and the drunk guests who thought it acceptable to pound on the door at 10pm and run away. The bathroom was tiny and the door opens into the toilet. After reading the reviews, I'm assuming we should have booked in the Paradise or HRH Tower.