Alex Schaffer Czech
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"Alex Schaffer Czech"
After checking into my room I found that I could hear the neighbors in the next room as if we were in the same room. Unfortunately, they were arguing about 30 minutes into my stay. I called the front desk to see if I could change rooms or upgrade, but they told me "no". Being that I had just arrived, I thought that they would be willing to help, but they only offered to send security up to talk with the folks next door. My stay was during a week night and the hotel did not seem that busy. I am not sensitive to noise, but I could hear everything my neighbors were saying, even when they were talking in regular voices. My neighbors ended up being up all night and had people coming in and out of their room all night as well. Their music was really loud and the Hard Rock staff eventually sent up secuirty to ask them to quiet down. It did me no good because I could still hear everything they were saying. I never got to sleep. Being a father of 2.5 year old twins who don't sleep through the night, I thought my one night stay would give a chance to rest and get some sleep while I was in town for business. I was wrong. The walls are thin in this hotel. The staff was not accommodating. The air smells smoky. I will never stay here again. There are way better options in this town. Don't bother wasting your hard earned money here.