Jonathan Warford
Atlantis at Paradise Island Resort and Casino Atlantis at Paradise Island Resort and Casino
Nassau, Paradise Island
"Jonathan Warford"
1- This place is so over priced its ridiculous, no matter what you buy you're charged a 15% tax on top of a normal 7.5% sales tax. So for example if you just want a water which runs about 10$ get ready to add another 22.5% tax onto that. Now for the room service and their over priced food, this is a whole nother story. The tax for room service is 19% plus the 7.5% plus a 4$ delivery charge. A standard burger with bacon and cheese is about 22$ now add the 22.5% your burger now cost you about 28$, but wait you still have to pay the 4$ delivery charge now your eating a 32$ hamburger lol wowwwww. Ok moving on. 2-The employees for the most part suck, most of the people inside the hotel ask you how your doing and seem to be nice but not all, but going outside is a whole nother story. Pretty everywhere outside on the grounds people don't give a CRAP about you, no one every says hello, no friendly faces smiling asking how your doing, honestly they all look like there pissed off to be working there. But hey i didn't like staying there either so i don't blame them for looking pissed off all the time. 3- It doesn't seem like anyone really knows whats actually going on there. We had to get these stupid wrist bands everyday to make sure we could go certain places without getting harassed. So ok whatever I wear he wristband but at the side of the hotel where I was staying, which had the closest hut to get the band never had them they expected me to walk 10 minutes the other godamn hut! I bet your saying wait 10 minutes that doesn't sound right, the resort is bigggg it was a 10 min walk!!!... Now if they would have had their CRAP together I wouldn't have had to walk there, not once not twice for 3 days in a row, I mean are you freaking kidding me!!! 4- Booked a king got 2 queens, also book ocean you, got a view of a building have pics to prove it hopefully they will let me upload to this site. I was in a non smoking room, but yet my room smelled like smoke the entire time ABSOLUTELY ridiculous. Pretty much nauseous the entire time I was there. Rooms are severely outdated, bathrooms are gross with paint chips everywhere, and mini fridge smelled like a dead fish. AC sucked as well 5- Last but so not least, they will try and randomly charge you for stuff you didn't do. I don't drink much so it wasn't like i was out at the bar and doing stupid crap. Anyways I see my bill the morning im going to check out and its 70$ more than its supposed to be. The only thing that should be on my bill was my rooms which with tax and resort fee i mean everything was 369% and one night I had to charge some food at Olives got a pizza flat-bread 19$ and Fries 9$ with their stupid charges of 22.5% tax it was about 35$ give or take so my bill should only have been about 405$.... Anyways called got them down to about 425$ didn't even want to waste my breath for the other 20$. Leave the crappy hotel and see a charge of 498$ for whatever reason, don't worry I took a pic of my bill on the TV before I left bc that's how I checked out. 6- So now I'm back in the Untied States Richmond Texas to be exact and its Oct 10 2015. I call today Oct 12th to start asking why they like to add crap to my bill without me asking. Guy says so we see you checked out Oct 11th Mr Warford. lol um no idiot I'm pretty sure I've been in Texas since the 10th of Oct, but hey who knows maybe theirs some kind of travel machine ATLANTIS has I don't know about. Guy on phone tries to track down why it said I stayed an extra night and had no explanation why, LOL are you kidding!!! WTF are you people doing over there????? I swear to god its like a freakin circus. Man I could go on and on about this casino, next thing you know i would have a full blown book.... DONT STAY AT THIS HOTEL PS DAMN I ALMOST FORGOT MOST RESORTS OR SHOULD I SAY ALL DON'T CHARGE TO USE LIKE SNORKEL EQUIPMENT ETC THEY CHARGE A RIDIC AMOUNT 45$ FOR 40 MINUTES ON JUST ABOUT ANYTHING, THAT SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN THE 55$ A DAY RIPOFF RESORT FEE THEY CHARGE