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We sailed in December, 2014, on our honeymoon. We took an 11 day cruise on the Coral Princess through the Panama Canal with stops in Aruba, Cartagena (Colombia), Limón (Costa Rica) and Ohio Rios (Jamaica). Our first impression of the Coral Princess was that it is a smaller ship (we'd previously cruised on the Royal Caribbean Allure). That being said, the Coral Princess is a well kept. The ship is classy, with an Art Deco meets the seas motif, gold, and marble as far as the eye can see. We chose cabin E201. One of the largest cabins on the ship (just below the mini suites). Cabin E201 comes with a 3 by 4ft window (est.), two desk areas, 1.5 by 4ft (est.), with seating, a mini fridge, and ample closet space. The only complaint my husband and I had regarding the cabin, was the bedding. The mattresses and bedding could use an update. The mattress was a little too firm and uneven. The pillows were either too thin or too thick. Be warned, there is an extreme shortage of nightlife on the Coral Princess. If I had to guess, I'd say that this is due to a shortage of the partying type of crowd. From what we've read and our experience thus far, Princess attracts a rather distinguished crowd of vacationers. You'll notice the entertainment is geared towards a more mature and easygoing crowd as well. Just a side note, our cruise was a partial transit through the Panama Canal and I'd previously cruised to Alaska on the Sapphire Princess. Based on our previous cruises, the older demographic could be due to the more educational destinations and not typical of Princess cruise lines as a whole. The food is really very enjoyable on the Coral Princess. This goes for the vegetarian cuisine as well. We've sailed Princess, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian. Princess has some of the best food we've ever tasted. The Coral Princess offers a wide selection of vegetarian dishes, which includes their in-room dining selection. Speaking of in-room dining, be careful what you leave on the in-dining room trays. My husband left his retainer on the tray, our room attendant removed it, and it was never to be seen again. We chose anytime dining. Regarding the dining room atmosphere, we had few complaints. For the most part, the staff on Coral Princess are very friendly and accommodating. Aside from the over selling of alcoholic beverages. Our only major complaint, with dining, had to do with our distaste for the lighting in the 5th floor dining room. The lighting was far too bright, as if we were being interrogated every evening. Upon further examination, it would appear that the tables and spotlight lighting are not aligned properly, creating a less then desirable effect. On an interesting side note regarding the Panama Canal, currently the Coral Princess is the largest of the ships permitted to pass through the Panama Canal. That being said, a new canal is in the process of being constructed. The new canal will allow much larger ships to pass through Panama. According to our tour guide, the fee for the Coral Princess to pass through the Panama Canal was approximately 350 thousand USD. It took about an hour for the Coral Princess to pass through the Gatun Locks. An amazing sight to see. The Panama Canal is one astonishing engineering feat. We couldn't have asked for a better honeymoon and we'll definitely be sailing with Princess again.