Lisa Gunderson
Lucky Eagle Casino Lucky Eagle Casino
Rochester, Washington
"Lisa Gunderson"
first i just want to say ALMOST ALL the staff are wonderful and went above and beyond anywhere else ive ever been to to make sure i was tsken care of WHEN i had an issuE MY FIRST TIME THERE EVER..EVEN HOTEL STAFF TRIED TO HELP ME and made sure i was helped..but theres one area in my opinion needing some serious attention at this casino and thats the players club staff the am woman that was supposed to help me shouldnt have a job in customer relations period she was cold negative and rude and i saw her treat 2 other people the same way and they walked out ...she acted like her job was such a hastle to perform and came off like she was personally paying me out of her own pocket!!! i mean come on..its YOUR JOB u applied for it get paid to do it so dont act like were taking ur time away from u doing something more important!!! grr...but overall if u dont have to deal with the players club its a wonderful place to go ..the place needs the players club to have staff that are all great it only takes one bad staff members negative attitude and rude actions to make someone decide to not come back and alot of people come in groups and majority votes if u got one rude staff member u surely dont want em in the players club!!! thats where ppl go their first visit usually to get a club card the first impresssion is the most important if the other staff hadnt been so amazing i never woulda gone back...but the first nite i went i mean the other staff was phenomenal wonderful...