Kati Haaland
Terrible's Lakeside Casino Terrible's Lakeside Casino
Osceola, Iowa
"Kati Haaland"
Went to see the Commadors in the outside theatre and it was great. Sound and lighting was prefect for the setting. Cement seats tiered seating but they provide pads for them, bring your own chairs or stand for general admission. Beer only outside which was a bummer for some in my party. Signing up for the players club was a little trying because the employee handling it was hard of hearing and worked at guests services and had computer problems as well; "FREE WIFI" didn't register on any of my party members phones (even asked a security guard for help and he seemed confused why it kept telling me I wasn't of age at 30). Had the buffet (clean and kept rotated nicely) food all hot and fresh. My prime rib was under cooked (still bloody and cold) in the center which was a little off putting but still good. Surf and turf on Saturday nights!! One employee made a creepy comment that would put me off every using valet at this casino! All and all a great show and some adults only family time. Didn't gamble to much but wish the tables would open up before 7 on a Saturday seems late when the dinner buffet starts at 4?