Steve Lindley
PT's Gold - Henderson
Henderson, Nevada
"Steve Lindley"
Our experience was horrible! We have lived in this neighborhood for 12 years and been into this bar over a hundred times I'm sure. Where to start. First of all the bartender named Caesar is horrible. He has probably waited on us four or five different times. Every single time we are here all he does is dropped the f word over and over and over again behind the bar. Now we all cuss from time to time, this I know, but I am a multiple business owner and I never cuss at or to my customers. He must have used the F-word at least 10 times very loudly behind the bar while we were there tonight. And it was not a bar full of young people either there were plenty of senior citizens at the bar eating and gambling who had to hear it as well. Also, I was vaping at the bar and exhaled and Caesar walked into my vape cloud and then said don't blow that s*** in my face . His exact words . I said, there are a lot of smokers in here and it smells better than that and he said I don't care don't blow that s*** in my face . Next, we ordered some food which was good the food was $9 however the bill came back at $27.50. They had charged us for our drinks. I found that Odd, as I was playing Max bet on Multi card keno. Apparently my wife didn't max out her bet every single time she played. So they charged us for our drinks. I asked them why the drinks werent comped and they said because we weren't playing Max bet every single time. This is after losing $80. 20 after 20 after $20 bill. I said are you freaking kidding me? At that point the rude waitress picked up all of our tips and handed them back to me which I gladly took back. Whoever the girl was that was working , which I'm sure your establishment can find out, was totally rude as well. Oh yes and lastly, while we were eating one of your waitresses who was coming up to the bar with her drink orders was singing, Cesar proceeded to tell her she sounded like s*** and could not sing. He said, I know I'm being rude but she deserves to hear the truth she f****** cannot sing. This guy is an embarrassment to your establishment. When the girl handed our tips back to us Cesar says, don't come back in this bar ever again. Of course this was after I called him a rude a****** and told him he shouldn't be cussing behind the bar. I also told him that as long as he is working here we will never ever come back into a PT's establishment especially that one. Feel free to reach out to me anytime and I'll be more than happy to describe the situation to you in person, in detail. This guy really makes your business look bad and it would be my guess that this isn't the first complaint you've ever had about this guy you guys should do something about it. Thank you very much and we will no longer be patrons of PT's thanks to Caesar and whoever that girl was that was working.