Terri Dickson
Lucky Eagle Casino Lucky Eagle Casino
Rochester, Washington
"Terri Dickson"
This is really two reviews, one for the Casino and one for the hotel. The Casino was fun. The food is really bad. There are few servers coming around for beverage service as well. The hotel room was extremely disappointing. Lack of towels, the shower was tiny, small things were broken and unkempt in the room. We ended up staying in a smoking room with a jetted tub and it was filthy. The carpeting had many stains and the room itself was completely infused with smoke. I actually had to take another shower when I got home because the smell of smoke was so apparent on my body and in my hair just from the room. We have stayed in smoking rooms before at other hotels and they haven't been this bad. I think other hotels use cleaning methods that help to keep the odors down. I agree with the person who said its too expensive not to let people know that the hotel is not great. We've tried it now and likely won't be back.