Club Regent Casino
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Things just keep getting worse and worse here. They got rid of the big progressive slots, and the majority of those "penny" machines they have now equate to $1- $2 per bet games. The staff are NOWHERE to be found when it comes to needing help on the floor, and not offering complimentary soft drinks just doesn't make any sense to me (every other Casino in the world offers at leas this). They do offer free coffee, but it is in cups that only a 4 year old could appreciate. The only positive (and why I'm giving 3 stars) is the concert hall. It is state of the art, and total first class. The artists and bands they book are excellent, and the sound and seating is just awesome. Now if only the person who was in charge of creating that masterpiece theater was in charge of the rest of that Casino lol