Razor Park
Flamingo Las Vegas Flamingo Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Razor Park"
If you like bed bugs you'll love this hotel! I Stayed at the Flamingo for a conference and was bitten repeatedly by bed bugs the first night I tried to sleep there. Reported this to management who sent security to file a report and we caught one of the bed bugs, took pictures and videos. They changed our room and we didn't get any rest since we were afraid to get bit again. In hindsight, we should have requested a refund and stayed elsewhere immediately (but who wants to do all that at 1am...). I was told their investigators would get back to me which they did about three weeks later to tell me that they inspect their rooms and all of their rooms are clean and I MUST HAVE BROUGHT THE BED BUG WITH ME!!! I've never had such a bad hotel experience in my life. Their food is overpriced and horrible and their service to their customers is deplorable! Consider yourself warned!