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Sep 22 '16 at 5:50

Jaimie Davenport

Days Hotel Dickinson

Jaimie Davenport
We arrived at about 2am and the night staff was awkward and pedantic. He gave extra precise directions, but they made no sense. He seemed put out that we had 2 small dogs and acted like it was a big hassel to find us a pet-friendly room. Our first room was a heavy smoker room and just dirty all around. The most disgusting part was the bed cover had various colored stains on it and a splotch of concentrated laundry detergent on it where it had been spilled on it and attempted to clean off, but then put back on the bed.. The top bed coverlette had brown stains on it as well. It had a hair about 2 feet long between the sheets which had also not been changed with other various. The second bed had an eyelash on the pillow case and dirty sheets. The floor hadn't been vacuumed in ages and had various food crumbs on it. Fingernail trimmings as well. I stopped looking at this point and requested another room at about 2:30. I was exhausted and this was annoying. The second room had what appeared to be mascara on the bed cover, there were also a few dirty spots on the floor. The sheets were clean, but the blankets had seen a few previous guests. I was too tired to care and to try and find another pet friendly hotel at this time. We had been expecting to stay at this hotel for a month due to work in the area. This hotel did have a gorgeous lobby which unfortunately doesn't transfer into room quality.