Francis Loeffler
Tuscany Suites and Casino Tuscany Suites and Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Francis Loeffler"
It was last day there. I was walking around the hotel to kill time. I was walking by the convention sales office on the second floor. I heard a woman in a loud voice talking to a younger Asian man that looked like a worker. I didn't hear the initial conversation, but I heard the woman yelling out loud..."we ask God to turn the heads of the weak/faint heart, and if can't then we ask him to turn their ankles, so that we can identify them by their limp. It was very disturbing to hear a manager say that. I meant to write this sooner, but became busy. I later went to the woman's office to tell her what I heard her say,but wasn't there. I believe her name is Patricia. I took her business card,but don't have it by me. After hearing her words I thought of the many hard working elderly that are handicapped. Are they demons according to her? Outside of that hotel was very nice.