Ézéchiel BELARBI
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"Ézéchiel BELARBI"
One of the worst 4 star hotels I have been to, my advise is to a void it especially in high season! This has one of the cheapest all inclusive offers in Hammamet (We paid ~$130 2pax/1room) , what you should expect: * No Wi-Fi in rooms, only in the hall and reception..and internet connection is very bad, if you want to do business from this hotel than you are makin a bad choice. * There is a serious problem with cleaning, dust is everywhere.. * Only 2 elevators are functional..sometimes, we ended up using the stairs, which is not a good idea for residents in the last floor (04th).. * For couples, expect separate beds, we have requested a big bed and were surprised with two separate beds.. * We had the Ultra All Inclusive offer, with choices limited to one restaurant (limited time windows), and one bar/cafe.. * There is no airport shuttle and taxi is $45. * Pools open at 8am to 7pm, beach 8am to 6am..romantic swimming under the moon is not an option here :)