Ellis Island Casino & Brewery Ellis Island Casino & Brewery
Las Vegas, Nevada
Ellis Island is a great "mini" casino for those who want a break from the hustle and bustle of large strip casinos. The prices of all the restaurants' menu are affordable relative to those on the strip - but not super cheap. Once, I stopped by the pizza place to buy a slice of pizza with the few dollars I had left after losing it all gambling. I asked for the biggest slice to max the value of my $5. Instead, the worker there gave me an extra slice for FREE. True story. In addition, there is karaoke (which can get annoying if the singer sucks bad because it is right next to the restaurant for all to hear), slot machines, AND a few tables of craps and blackjack (with very good odds relative to the ripoffs at the strip casinos - 3:2 BJ! 8 decks for counters, Double after split OK, and surrender OK).