Micheal Jordan
Lucky Eagle Casino Lucky Eagle Casino
Rochester, Washington
"Micheal Jordan"
The sport bar/ restaurant is so spotty. One night pretty good the next not great. The staff is nice, just not real compitent. Major problem is the bar, drinks come out slow and quality is inconsistant. Food, they are real scant on toppings on pizzas [I order extra topping] the sauce is excellent. Thier prime rib dip is the classic more bun than meat (this is supposed to be a sports bar, I want big portions, not the artsy designer stuff, also I want to hear games. When you try and make a facility a combo of something, usually becomes lack luster at best). The au jus is excellent. Fries are really excellent. The club sandwich has a lot of toppings (inconsistant again, one sandwich is a hearty meal, the other a bread sandwich) and is probably my favorite due to great bacon, turkey and ham. Salmon is excellent, just another small portion. Overall I like gambling at Lucky Eagle. Do pretty good there. We used to love their old steakhouse, hope they don't screw that up when they open up the new one.