Thomas Walles
Blue House Hotel and Casino Blue House Hotel and Casino
Santo Domingo
"Thomas Walles"
I was there with my gf. She was playing the slots and won. A week later we got a call saying we were involved in an incident. After weeks of threatening calls, we returned the call from a gaming agent that requested we pay back $235 of the slot winnings, supposedly some dummy left it in the machine (tough to notice on a Friday night). While I have no problem paying back what is not mine, when I went to repay the money, the slot manager, at first, treated me like I was some sleaze bag stealing from people. When I requested proof, as anyone with a brain would do, it was treated as a rediculous request. Improve your processes, professional edicate, and customer service. This $235, a portion of what I was down that night, lost any of my future "business" at Blue Chip (not that it matters). I'll go lose at Four Winds.